Allen and Donna On Top Of The Charts April 2015

AllenDonnaStormsNeverLastAllen and Donna Riding on Top Of The Charts for April 2015

Independent Superstars Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham have taken this Country Classic hit and made it a #1 hit all over again as “Storms Never Last” moves all the way up to the #1 position on this Top 30 chart. Allen and Donna are very popular worldwide and have had so many hits in the past, individually and as a Duo. It is therefore not surprising that this song has found its way to the #1 spot this April.

It is also great news for Allen and Donna fans worldwide, who were once again spot on in predicting that this duet, “Storms Never Last” would be another number one for their country heroes.  It is official Allen and Donna are at number 1 on the Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top 30 Country download chart for April 2015.

0051 - Independent Superstars Country Charts April 2015s

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Donna’s Email has been Hacked And Attacked

DonnaHacked001Donna’s Email has been Hacked And Attacked

Hackers have targeted Donna’s email and are happily sending all her fans, friends, family and business associates emails asking for you to keep a lookout for another mail in which they will probably be supplying a bank account number for you to send your cash supposedly for Donna. Please be aware that this is a scam and Donna is safe and sound in her home town in Ohio.

Donna has just issued a statement on Facebook to warn her friends of this scam:

“I understand my email has been hacked and I have been telling all you guys that might be on my list that I’m stranded in Ukraine. Well I’m not, I’m in Ohio so don’t worry about it I’ll get it straightened out.” Donna Cunningham

This is one of the evils of the Internet which may or may not get sorted out in the future. Donna is not the only one who has been hacked as there are probably thousands of hackers worldwide working 24/7 on doing this for a living.

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Donna, Allen and Marty Seen Together In Nashville

MartyDonnaAllen001Donna, Allen and Marty Seen Together In Nashville

Did you know that Donna Cunningham, Allen Karl, and Marty Martel above all have something  in common that may or may not be common knowledge, they are all three Singer Songwriters. Marty runs a very successful promotions company while Allen Karl is the owner and CEO of a Nashville based Recording company, “Century II Records. Donna Cunningham on the other hand after being self-employed for most of her life is now the Executive Director Of Artists Developement at Century II Records Nashville Tennessee. The famous trio were recently caught on camera at a very popular Nashville venue, John A’s by Internationally acclaimed photographer Jerry Overcast.

– WHISNews21 Frans Maritz

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Latest 2015 News and Updates From Donna

donnajean001Latest 2015 News and Updates From Donna

Well, hello, Country Music Fans out there. I’ve had some down time since Christmas, just relaxing and visiting with family and friends. Allen came to Ohio and we did a couple shows, too. I did some spots in December and January at the Paint Valley Jamboree and at The Southern Ohio Opry. Now on to the New Year! I’m getting ready to head to my favorite place in the world, Nashville,TN. I will be in town for the business side of the things this time. Century II is going to record our newest Century II artist, Julia Neville’s first single. I’ve been working with Julia, who is such a pretty, sweet, young lady who really sings well. I can’t wait to get her in the studio and get her very first single done. We will be recording at SMS in Hendersonville. We are also doing a photo shoot while in town and hoping to make this song one everyone will want to hear.
Guess this is when my new job as Executive Director of Artist Development comes into play.
Also in February we will be working with our second new artist, Johnny Crabtree. He is an excellent songwriter and has written what we consider to be quality songs.
So heads to anyone who might be interested in joining our Century II Label, simply contact me and we will take a listen and take it from there. I have info, just contact me at or 740-821-0298.
I have some singles in the can, and some duet singles also, and am really looking forward to releasing them this year and seeing how they do…. I’m planning on finally releasing my completed CD of 10 original songs and also recording some more at SMS in Hendersonville. I am so looking forward to 2015!
It looks to be a banner year for Century II and also for me, I hope! Catch you next month with some pix and news. As always, I wish you music, laughter and love.
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Donna Cunningham Continues To Dominate Chart Show

DonnaCunningham003Donna Continues To Dominate Chart Shows

Donna Cunningham has always featured on chart shows and as 2015 is heading towards February already, Donna continues to be featured on Chart shows worldwide.  Her new duet with International Independent Superstar Allen Karl, “Storms Never Last” is doing extremely well on the charts worldwide with a really good chance of reaching the #1 spot. Donna’s recent hit, “Think Twice” is still going strong and seems to be holding on to the charts, thanks to support from all her loyal fans. – Frans Maritz WHISNews21

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Donna Cunningham Continues to Perform Live

DonnaSouthernOhioOpryDonna Cunningham Continues to Perform Live

You will find Donna performing almost every week at a venue near you. Much to the delight of her fans she just loves to go out and entertain them every chance she gets


If you visit Donna’ s facebook page you will see her all over the place not only performing but rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest Country Legends of all time as in the picture on the left, Donna with the late George Hamilton IV. If Donna is not backstage at the Grand ole Opry she can be found at the Southern Ohio Opry or on the Country Junction TV Show, you just can never tell where every week takes Donna unless you have inside information which naturally some do have. However you need not fear if Donna is coming to your town or city you will know it way before the time, which will give you ample time to purchase that golden ticket to a Donna Cunningham show. Christmas is fast approaching and Donna will let y’all know well in advance if she’s coming to a venue close to you. Donna and Allen were recently snapped at John A’s with a few celebrities including amongst others Marty Martel of “Off The Cuff News”.


 – Frans Maritz WHISNews21

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Donna and Allen Recent Visit To Nashville

AllenDonnaNashville01Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham, are back at their favorite place, here in Nashville, TN.  As usual they are thrilled to be here enjoying the city where they love to come to for recording and entertainment, and this visit is no different than the ones before, only that they are getting the fever to come more often and I believe they will.

They are both getting heavy airplay on their latest singles with radio.  They arrived on Wed. July 23rd and drove to Glascow, KY to tape 4 Country Junction Shows, including guest appearances by legendary songwriter Jerry Foster, singer J K Coltrain.  They tape the shows at the Longhunter’s Coffee & Tea Co., in Greensburg, KY.  After they completed their tapings, they drove to Nashville and enjoyed an evening at the best place in Nashville for traditional country entertainment, John A’s Nightclub for the best in country music, and Donna and Allen were both invited up to sing a few songs.  John A’s is getting used to their visits and hopefully they will continue to make this their home away from home.  There are gaining more new fans each time they perform and that is a great sign of talent, performance, and genuine love of what they love most, country music.  The regular appearances at John A’s nightclub are getting them many new fans and the Classic’s Band love to have them get up and sing every time they come to town.

They are making this one of their longest stays and no doubt that is because when they appear at the local establishments, they are welcomed with open arms for returning to see old friend and meet new fans who love their music.  They are making great strides here in Music City USA.  Would not surprise me to see both Allen and Donna move to our fair City someday, and we would welcome them with open arms.  I know the feeling because it happened that way with me.

They are both having strong airplay with their new singles and are now looking at each releasing a single, and a duet, so all you DJ’s get ready for a blast of music from Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham.  I know you will be well pleased.  Release dates are in about 2-3 weeks. Be ready and they both wish to thank all DJ’s for the wonderful support they have given each of them by playing their music and hope they will continue with the release of the new music.

They have worked feverishly to bring their fans great solid traditional country music and it shows in the increase of each of their fan bases.  All of you have not heard their music as of yet, please click on the following websites and give a listen and you will become instant fans.  Once again they wish to thank you for your overwhelming support and hope you will continue to listen and let them know by going to their websites and telling them.

If you have any questions for either Allen or Donna, send them to me and I promise you they will reply.  Hope you have enjoyed this press release and you are the ones who have made their careers jump forward with great success and they are most appreciative of this great support.  Let us know if there is anything you would like to know about either Allen or Donna.  Have a great week and thanks for reading.

Marty Martel

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